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Discover the magical world of visual storytelling

If you are interested in learning the magic of story telling through visual imagery, or understanding the tools I use in Photoshop to create, I am now offering one-on-one mentoring sessions. These sessions can be done in person at your home (within 50km distance from me) or online via Zoom (anywhere in the world). I also offer in person one-on-one full day mentoring where we’ll go from idea to finished piece of art.

No two of my mentoring sessions are the same. They are designed personally for you, because I want you to get the most out of them. So it all depends on what you want to learn. Perhaps you’re interested in how to tell stories through your photography. Or perhaps you’re more interested in learning how to use Photoshop. Or perhaps both.

Prior to our session I’ll ask you to write down a list of what you are most interested in learning and any questions you have. You then send that to me so I can prepare our session to your needs.

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are broken down into one hour increments making it easier for you to manage learning at your own pace. You can book as many one hour sessions as you like and do them scattered or together. We'll spend the time going through whatever you're most interested in learning. Each session is catered to you.

Full Day Sessions

Similar to a workshop, but completely personalised to you. We spend the day taking an idea from concept to finished image. Together we'll come up with a concept (or if you've already got one, perfect!), do a photo shoot and then edit the image together. You'll finish the day with a new piece of art to add to your portfolio.